Sports Therapy


Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare specifically concerned with the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, with the patient returning to optimum levels of sports specific fitness, functional and occupational abilties.  


A Sports Therapist must be trained and capable of providing care from basic first aid to graduate status. Only those who are members of The Society of Sports Therapists are deemed as meeting the required levels of education, knowledge and competency. Therefore, with the level of knowledge and range of abilties to treat and resolve a wide variety of injuries, and work-related problems, you can be sure that the level of care and attention you receive is second to none.

There are many known effects of massage, including the following:

  • Increased muscle blood flow.
  • Increased muscle temperature.
  • Increased lymph flow and removal of toxins from the muscles.
  • Breaks down adhesions and scar tissue which build up over time causing tension.
  • Relieves muscular pain.
  • Prepares for a competition or race physioloigcally and psychologically.
  • Improved sense of well-being, relaxation and lowered stress levels.
  • Improved body awareness of how muscles should feel - not how we have got used to them feeling!

So what are you waiting for? Book in today and ease those aches and pains!

Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation plays a key role in ensuring your injury does not return, and will determine the speed of your return to sport, or to generally feeling like your old self again. The findings of the initial examination and assessment will determine the best course of treatment for you, and which exercises will ensure a speedy recovery!

If a joint is stiff and causing pain, range of motion exercises or mobilisations (performed by the therapist) will be prescribed. Once optimal range of motion is achieved, strengthening will begin on weak muscles and ligaments, using a variety of muscle specific exercises. Following this the therapy becomes more functional, replicating movements and drills performed in your chosen sport or profession. Throughout this process, sports massage is used to break down scar tissue which may be forming, realign muscle fibres to ensure optimal recovery, reduce pain, and make you feel good!!

Don't ignore that niggle or accept having a bad knee, because with a thorough examination and assessment, the correct rehabilitation and exercise prescription, you really can be functionally fit again to live and train without pain!

Joint Mobilisations

There are many known effects of joint mobilisations, including the following:

  • Reduced joint stiffness.
  • Reduced joint pain.
  • Increased range of motion at a joint.
  • Realigns joint structures following an injury.

Mobilisations may sound daunting but the results can be fantastic. With gentle movements working through Maitland's grading system, range of motion and function can be restored and pain can be reduced.

So if you have a lower back injury, neck pain, ankle stiffness, or a frozen shoulder, there is a mobilisation to help restore movement. All mobilisations are performed in a pain free manner, with constant re-assessment throughout the treatment to ensure the chosen mobilisation is having the desired effect.

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