About Reflexology.... 

Reflexology is another ancient healing therapy, pictured in the pyramids of Egypt.  The feet are a map of the body.  Energy runs through the body down to the feet and back again.  When the energy is disrupted, through stress, emotions, diet and lack of exercise, the energy can become blocked.

These energy blockages can be accessed through reflex points on the map on the feet.  When gentle pressure is applied to those reflex points, the blockages can be released, sometimes immediately and sometimes over a period of time, depending on how long the problem causing the block has been around.

Reflexology is a very relaxing therapy and when we are relaxed we allow our bodies to heal.  It is very effective for many ailments, including infertility. 


Reflexology is a specific massage on the feet and hands,

which has a beneficial stimulating effect on the whole of the body.

We have 72,000 nerve endings in our feet and hands,

which reflect the whole of the body systems.

The ideal therapy for the digestive system,

hormonal and stress related problems; however, it benefits all body systems.


Mindful Reflexology 

(Working on the feet and legs - Supporting Stress, Anxiety & Depression) 

If you are frozen by stress, anxiety or depression

Mindful Reflexology can help you change your story.

Life events can be challenging and can sometimes bring us to a place were we struggle to see the clear road ahead.

Rosie will work along side you and give you coping strategies and techniques to help you be mindful of your journey ahead. 


Reflexology Supporting Conception

Rosie will work along side you and give you coping strategies and techniques to help you be mindful of your journey ahead Reflexology Supporting Conception.

Empowering your unique journey through reflexology for a natural approach to conception.
The relaxation & relief from stress & tension that reflexology offers,  is able to support the changes in the body & provide some relaxing time out to recharge rebalance allowing positive energy to flow within your body!!!
Visualize with LOve, where you want to be. Not where you are!!
Let your conception journey unfold with positive thoughts and actions.


Reflexology Supporting Maternity

Another huge empowering emotional roller coaster journey through life!
Reflexology offers many benefits to enable you to tune into.   For a natural top up to health & wellbeing through pregnancy.  Linking each trimester allowing the Love of life to ebb and flow with joy.

"I have completed further studies with Sally Earlam in these areas & have a deeper understanding of what is to unfold. I am open to accepting all forms of abundance the universe has to offer with LOve  looking forward to connecting with you on your journey through conception & maternity!" Rosie


Rosie O'Driscoll offer Reflexology at Just Holistic.

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