Shin Tai

Shin Tai - the evolution of Shiatsu

"alignment takes place at physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels"

Shin Tai restores the natural resonance of the body by recovering space in the body at a cellular, organ, joint and vibrational level. It aims to release long held patterns of stress and future anxieties or projections.

ShinTai works on many levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – to help recover lost energy (life force) so the receiver can fully engage with life in the present moment.

When life force is recovered, the physical body functions better, the emotions respond more appropriately and the mind is free from past experiences.

Shin Tai treatments are great for stress reduction, and can help you feel better physically,emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so get a tuneup for your body!


Practitioners: Norma Gaston practises Shin Tai Therapy at Just Holistic

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