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Rosie was always interested in sports and played Camogie and Gaelic football.

(the national games of Ireland)

Rosie hurt her back during a game and was advised to give up the sports,

if not she could have ended up in a wheelchair.

The physicality of the sport was just right for her.

As she loved it very much Rosie found it hard to give up.

This is where yoga came in.

Rosie was advised to take up this form of exercise to help strengthen her back.

She has not looked back since then.

 Rosie commenced her teacher training in yoga in 2008. 

She furthered her training with holistic treatments in 2009 and has continued to do so.


Rosie is a Holistic Therapist & Hatha Yoga instructor.  

She offers: Aroma Touch Technique, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Yoga Nidra (the art of relaxation).

Rosie is also an oils facilitator for do Terra essential oils CPTG.   

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils.  No chemicals. 



Initial Consulation = 1hour 15mins

All follow up Treatments = 1 hour

Reflexology (feet)      £45.00

Reflexology (hands)    £45.00

Mindful Reflexology    £45.00

(Including Mindful Reflexology & Supporting Conception & Maternity)          

Back Massage             £45.00

(Back Massage incorporating neck, head, arms and hands)

Head & Foot Massage  £45.00

Indian Head Massage   £45.00

AromaTouch Technique  £50.00

Yoga Nidra   £20.00

Payment is required in full to secure your date & time of treatments.

 Block Bookings
Block book 5 treatments get the 6 th free

(You have a choice, treatments can be taken as a mixture of Reflexology hand/ feet, Indian head massage or aroma touch technique. You can combine your treatments for two hours or single treatments your choice)

Combination Treatments

(Treatments of your choice to suit your needs)

1 Hour = £45

1.5 Hours = £65

2 Hours = £90

(The benefits from treatments are endless & All with lovely yummy doTERRA Oils)



Reflexology is a specific massage on the feet and hands,

which has a beneficial stimulating effect on the whole of the body.

We have 72,000 nerve endings in our feet and hands,

which reflect the whole of the body systems.

The ideal therapy for the digestive system,

hormonal and stress related problems; however, it benefits all body systems.


  Mindful Reflexology

(Working on the feet and legs - Supporting Stress, Anxiety & Depression)

If you are frozen by stress, anxiety or depression

Mindful Reflexology can help you change your story.

Life events can be challenging and can sometimes bring us to a place were we struggle to see the clear road ahead.

Rosie will work along side you and give you coping strategies and techniques to help you be mindful of your journey ahead.


Reflexology Supporting Conception

Rosie will work along side you and give you coping strategies and techniques to help you be mindful of your journey ahead Reflexology Supporting Conception.

Empowering your unique journey through reflexology for a natural approach to conception.
The relaxation & relief from stress & tension that reflexology offers,  is able to support the changes in the body & provide some relaxing time out to recharge rebalance allowing positive energy to flow within your body!!!
Visualize with LOve, where you want to be. Not where you are!!
Let your conception journey unfold with positive thoughts and actions.


Reflexology Supporting Maternity

Another huge empowering emotional roller coaster journey through life!
Reflexology offers many benefits to enable you to tune into.   For a natural top up to health & wellbeing through pregnancy.  Linking each trimester allowing the LOve of life to ebb and flow with joy.

"I have completed further studies with Sally Earlam in these areas & have a deeper understanding of what is to unfold. I am open to accepting all forms of abundance the universe has to offer with LOve  looking forward to connecting with you on your journey through conception & maternity!" Rosie



Indian Head Massage

A lovely technique founded in India, which is based on the

ancient systems of medicine known as Ayurveda.

By massaging the upper back, neck, head, face ears arms and hands.

It is known to reduce insomnia, migraines, stress, vertigo, anxiety, tinnitus allowing efficient blood and lymph circulation, ensuring a fresh supply off oxygen and nutrients by elimination of toxic residues.



Aroma Touch Technique

Works to restore homeostasis and minimise the impact of these 4 factors, stress, autonomic imbalance toxic insults and inflammatory response, which impede on our overall health.

It is a wonderful relaxing technique using light touch and (CPTG) certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

These oils carry no chemicals.

  Check out the linked video to find out more about aromaTouch Technique & the oils used  


All of the above have a direct impact on your body systems.

Rosie is passionate about helping her clients heal, in relieving the stress from their bodies.

She has worked alongside active retirement groups from the ages of 60 years and upwards.

Rosie has given one to one classes and treatments to client’s pre op and post op.

She encourages clients to reap the benefits of regular treatments which will bring their bodies into homeostasis.

Rosie encourages clients with emotional, physical, hormonal any amount of ailments to visit and she will supply them with the tools and techniques of encouragement to be at one with their Mind, Body and Soul.

Rosie is excited about allowing anything and everything to happen and that in that accepting allowing the unknown to unfold.

It is never too late to indulge yourself in peace and tranquillity.  


You don't have to have an ache or feel pain to have a treatment!

Why don't you pop on over & gift yourself a relaxing time out treat!



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