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NORMA GASTON - 07958 611 934

Reiki, Shiatsu, Japanese Facials & Shin Tai

Just Holistic Therapy Rooms

Every Saturday between 8 am and 9 pm

I am a qualified Advanced Reiki Practitioner. I am passionate about Reiki and the benefits of this treatment having received Reiki for stress management over 15 years ago.

A friend recommended I tried Shiatsu for releasing physical tension and revitalisation … I have never looked back!

I also practice Japanese Facials & Shin Tai.

Why not show your body you care?

  Our health is the most important thing we have; my treatment aim is to treat the whole person to help bring balance and harmony. Reiki, Shiatsu, Japanese Facials & Shin Tai all activate the body’s natural ability to heal and restore balance by promoting deep relaxation. They have a very calming effect and are very effective in counteracting stress and other conditions. They are a complete system of healing through touch and draws extensively on Traditional Oriental Medicine (Shiatsu).

I work with clients with tension, headaches, back pain, fatigue, digestive problems, stress, anxiety, pregnancy, structural corrections, sport and RSI injuries.  Whatever your reason for having treatment with me, you will come away from a session feeling more calm and relaxed!

Membership of Shiatsu Society, Surrey Shiatsu Network & Sutton Complementary Health Network

 Client Feedback

"I have been receiving Shiatsu treatment for little over a year for various complaints. Recently I have had an outbreak of spots due to high stress levels at work. Having regular Japanese Facial appointments with Norma has controlled the outbreak and has enabled me to control my stress levels and sleep extremely well. Be good to yourself, make an appointment with Norma, the first step in taking control of you!"  AMG - Croydon

"The first time I had a shiatsu treatment with Norma the only word I could use to describe how I felt was 'wow' I have continued to have courses of shiatsu with Norma over the last 2 years to retain a balance within myself. Norma is a very special therapist"

“I had very bad tennis elbow in my left arm. I received Shiatsu over a period of time on a regular basis. The Shiatsu has helped my tennis elbow a lot. My arm was very painful, with a burning sensation and pins and needles and swelling. The tennis elbow has reduced greatly with flare ups from time to time”.

“I received a series of shiatsu sessions in 2011 with Norma during a time of transition in my life. I was very stressed and experiencing a flare up of arthritis in my feet, swollen ankles and psoriasis. I loved the experience; the sessions were intuitive, deep with sensitivity and were a great support for me during this time. I highly recommend Norma, a talented Shiatsu Practitioner”
"I had a fantastic treatment – Shiatsu Therapy with Norma - I can highly recommend it!”

"Blessed out .... Had the most delicious treatment with Norma, my shoulders, legs and lower back feel great. Such a peaceful venue, relaxing music. I felt so perfectly at Peace............



Shiatsu, Japanese Facials & Shin Tai - £50 (60 minutes)

Reiki £40 (60 minutes)



NORMA GASTON is at Just Holistic Therapy Rooms

Every Saturday between 8 am and 9 pm

Phone: 07958 611 934


(If Norma is unavailable please send her a text message or email with your enquiry)


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