Hannah Lewis

Clinic Director


Principle Osteopath

Hannah Lewis was first drawn to Osteopathy after being a patient following various gymnastic injuries as a teenager. She developed an interest in sports injuries and how to resolve them and this led her to train as an Osteopath.

Hannah graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2008.

Hannah is currently seeing patients who are suffering from a variety of problems, not just back pain! She enjoys using structural and cranial osteopathic skills to provide pain relief for patients of all ages.

Hannah Lewis is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and is  a member of the British Osteopathic Association (BOA). 

Hannah Lewis also practices Dry Needling as part of her Osteopathy treatments. 


Hannah Lewis owns

'Just Holistic Therapy Rooms'

and practices Osteopathy there on:

 Mondays 10am - 8:30pm

To book an appointment

please call Hannah on 07828 458 769

If you are unsure if Osteopathy is right for you or require further information please feel free to call for a friendly chat or email on: hannah@simplyosteo.com

For more information please check out her website: www.simplyosteo.com


  • Initial Consultation, Examination and Treatment - £50 (40 mins)
  • Subsequent Treatments - £50 (40 mins)


"I was introduced to Hannah by Dawn (a massage therapist at Just Holistic) and after a few sessions I really noticed the difference. As I have suffered from neck pain and trapped nerves for a long time, what I liked about Hannah is that she does the whole package!  This meaning, an adjustment, massage and acupuncture and unlike other osteopaths I have seen in the past they do not offer all of this. 
Hannah is a current osteopath bringing something new in my opinion to her practice. She is very friendly and focused bringing the best to her patients. I really recommend her and am sure she could cure all those back, neck and joint problems that we all incur in our everyday lives."

Sue T, from South Croydon


"I recently suffered some extreme and debilitating back pain from a pre-existing condition. I made it to Hannah's clinic after suffering for a period of a week or so.

After only my second visit Hannah had treated the situation so effectively that I have not suffered any symptoms since, and follow up appointments have since addressed other issues I wasn't even aware of.

Hannah has an open and friendly manner and I have complete trust in her professionalism and treatment methods.

If you are suffering from any physical discomfort then I would urge you to arrange an appointment with her as soon as possible."

 Jason H, from Surrey.

"On 25th May 2011, I woke with terrible pain in my neck and shoulder.  Went to the doctors and was told I’d pulled a muscle, therefore should have some osteo/chiro treatment.  Asked him for someone he could recommend, but he didn’t really know anyone. (great help)!  Proceeded to have numerous treatments from various physios, chiropractors, massages etc  which cost me a fortune, but worst of all gave no relief to the terrible pain I was in, but you do anything to be pain free.  

 Finally…. I discovered Hannah!  She was just wonderful.  So caring and understanding especially as I broke down in tears.  She was the first person who suggested I might have a disc herniation and should therefore get a referral to a specialist. Luckily I had BUPA cover so was seen very quickly.  Had an MRI scan  which showed I had a trapped nerve in my neck, which could only be released by an operation called a foraminotomy (relieves pressure on nerves that are being compressed).

Had the op on 24 June, and what a fantastic result. I have since been completely free from the pain. Had it not been for Hannah suggesting there was something  which should be investigated, I really don’t know what I would have done. She could have quite easily just kept on treating me and taking the money.  That is why I trust Hannah so much now as an Osteopath, as she is genuine, caring, and  very easy to get along with. I continue to see Hannah on a regular basis to hopefully keep my body ticking over..

(Instead of an old banger I’m nearly a Porsche)!!        

 Have just recently had a problem with my lower back which Hannah immediately diagnosed as a locked sacroiliac joint. My own fault for carrying too much shopping at xmas.  I had 3 treatments from her which included manipulation, massage and acupuncture and am now free of pain. 

She even sorted out the pain I have in my elbows.  What a star!!   I have and will continue to recommend anyone to Hannah."  

 Carol W, from Shirley.

"Hannah is a Superstar!

Her fantastic manipulation skills meant I could dance the night away at a good friends wedding (in high heels!) when I was in agony the week before!   

 Simply Osteo was the first place I turned to when I was really struggling with the after effects of childbirth. Hannah fitted me in quickly and had me up and about in no time, being able to carry my daughter without being in constant pain.

Whilst I never look forward to some of the positions Hannah has me in, I know it will be well worth it as she fully understands exactly what needs to be done and I totally trust her."

Alison N, from Croydon.

"I have had what I thought was a back problem for 20 years and seen 20+ osteopaths who fixed the symptoms, not the problem!

Hannah realised it was my lack of stomach muscles that was the issue, and with a few very simple exercises (and treatments) cured the problem. If I do the 3 exercises for 10 minutes each week I have no back problems.

Hannah is easily the most comprehensive practitioner I have met."

 Ian C, from Croydon.

"I had been having trouble with my shoulder for a number of years.  After several sessions of visiting 'Simply Osteo' my shoulder improved considerably with improved mobility and reduced discomfort. 

I would recommend 'Simply Osteo' if you have any niggling aches and pains that have lasted for some time"
Steve C, from South Croydon.

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Hannah Lewis - Just Holistic

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Email: hannah@just-holistic.co.uk